Courage and Vulnerability – Camel Pose

If you've participated in a Recovery Yoga Meeting, you've heard me talk about courage and vulnerability as the spiritual principles I correlate with Step Five.

It takes courage to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is what makes connection possible.

Enter Brené Brown. She's a "researcher-storyteller" who investigates human relationships. In the course of her work, she stumbled upon shame as a huge barrier to human connection. (At its essence, shame is the fear of disconnection.) So, she rounded up people who reported feeling connected and satisfied in their intimate relationships (she calls them "wholehearted") and interviewed them.

They all had two things in common. First, they believe they are worthy of love, and second, they are willing to be vulnerable in their relationships. They are willing to make mistakes and get hurt, and they allow others to see their true, imperfect selves. Their willingness to be vulnerable is what makes connection possible.

Click here to see my favorite Brené Brown TED talk on the power of vulnerability.

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