How to Reduce Anxiety - the "No Lions" Technique

I struggle with anxiety and fear. Objectively there is nothing wrong, but I still feel on edge. It's paralyzing and exhausting. (It's usually a byproduct of my perfectionism and the desire for control.)

"No Lions" is an anxiety reduction technique I learned about from EMDR specialist Jim Knipe.

In the wild, lions and their prey drink from the same watering holes, but not at the same time. The prey animals check to see that there are no lions before they go for a drink.

When you feel anxious, stop and breathe, and see if there is anything, in this moment, to fear or worry about. If not, say "No Lions" to remind yourself that you are safe. 

I was skeptical at first. But I gave it a whirl. When anxiety crept up, I visualized the tranquil pool of water, with no lions in sight, and said "No Lions" a few times. Lo and behold, it works! 

And now, after doing it for awhile, all I have to do is say "No Lions" a few times, and like a mantra, it calms me down.