What if I am new to yoga?

Come in and give it a try! Class is accessible to students at all levels of practice and stages of recovery. You participate at your comfort level.

Is this class only for addiction recovery?

Nope. Addiction, trauma, eating disorders, mental illness, codependency, gambling, the stress of daily life... we're all in recovery from something. Besides, it's our recovery - not what we're recovering from - that matters.

Do I have to be in recovery or in a 12-Step program to participate?

Nope. All are welcome.

Do I have to pre-register for class?

Pre-register for The Yoga Center Retreat here (required).

Pre-register for River Garden Yoga here (recommended).

Where are the studios?

SUNDAYS in St. Paul: River Garden Yoga Center at 455 West 7th St., between Douglas and Goodrich, just west of downtown St. Paul, between Sophie Joe's Boutique & Claddagh Coffee.

SATURDAYS in Minneapolis: The Yoga Center Retreat at 4212 Park Glen Rd., St. Louis Park, near Highway 25 and Beltline Blvd.

How much does class cost?

River Garden: $15.

The Yoga Center Retreat: $20.

Cash and credit cards are accepted.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move.

What should I bring?

You. Water, maybe a friend or two. We provide mats and props free of charge.

Is there a locker room?

No, but you can change in the bathroom. Personal belongings can be stored in the studio, and the studio entrance door is locked during class.

Is it going to be hot?

The studios are standard room temperature.

Can I get there on the bus?

Yes. River Garden: Bus routes 54, 70, and 74 stop a block from the studio on West 7th St.

The Yoga Center Retreat: Bus route 17 stops near the studio.

I have been going to Recovery Yoga with Suz since 2014 and truly cannot imagine my life without it. In addition to helping me quit drinking, I also gained the courage to seek treatment for my eating disorder.

My favorite aspect of the class is how warm and included and safe Suz makes you feel regardless of what you’re looking to recover from. Anyone whose life has been touched by addiction in some way is welcome. She really honors and validates a student’s courage to show up at all since they might be new to recovery meetings and yoga, both of which can be intimidating enough by themselves. ... Suz just does an amazing job at holding the space so everyone gets what they need from the practice.
— Kira W., age 30, sober date 1/4/14, recovery date 3/10/15 (eating disorder)