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Recovery Yoga Meetings - The Missing Peace of Addiction Recovery


Recovery Yoga Meetings® help people beat addiction and thrive in recovery by integrating recovery and yoga into a group activity.

Using breath and movement, participants embody the principles of recovery, build resilience, and learn how to find peace in the present moment.


Healthcare Providers

Yoga is a proven complementary therapy for substance use disorder that builds resilience to stress and reduces rates of relapse. Give your clients the tools they need to thrive in recovery.


Yoga Teachers

Would you like to deepen your personal practice, while learning a unique and effective way to share yoga with those who need it most? Recovery Yoga Teacher Training is for you.


Recovery Community

Looking for that missing "peace"? Come to a Recovery Yoga Meeting, and join a growing community of people who gather to share the experience of recovery through group yoga practice.



We could see an immediate benefit. Patients raved about Recovery Yoga Meetings and consistently reported that [attending them] helped them slow down and integrate what they were learning in daily life.
— JESSE CRAMER, MSW, LICSW, LADC Former Clinical Systems Manager for Lodging Plus, which has offered weekly Recovery Yoga Meetings for its inpatient treatment clients since 2014.

I’ve been in recovery for 14 months and part of me is still amazed by that every day. Over those 14 months, I’ve experienced life’s ups and downs with extremes in both directions and I can honestly say that I would not have been able to handle either extreme without Recovery Yoga. This practice and community make every difficult experience something I can handle and every positive experience something I can wholeheartedly embrace.
I know from my experience with Recovery Yoga that it’s possible to heal and thrive. Suz is a compassionate, wise, dedicated teacher, deeply committed to creating a space for people to recover at their own pace and on all levels—mind, body, and spirit. For me, that integration is what was missing from my previous attempts. I am grateful that I found Recovery Yoga when I did, it gave me back my life. Recovery Yoga continues to be a place and practice that I return to every week to support my mental and physical health and connect with others in recovery.
— H. 9/22/2018
The mind-body-spirit connection is so important, and I’ve been missing it. At other yoga classes, I can find it, but it’s a lot of work. Here, the spirituality - and recovery - is woven in so beautifully. You really guide us to find that connection.
— J. G., Student

I took the Recovery yoga class while in inpatient treatment for substance use at Fairview Riverside in Minneapolis (Lodging Plus). Suzula was our speaker that night and her story opened my eyes to the way people with substance use disorder are classified and discriminated against, truly inspirational. The yoga class was absolutely awesome, changed my entire outlook. I have moved on to a sober living facility [out of state] but once I’ve completed this I am relocating back to the Twin Cities and will take more of these classes. Thank you Suzula for your insight and inspiration!
— M., 9/22/2018

I would recommend Suzula’s Recovery Yoga to all programs that encourage this unique combination of exercise, mindfulness and self-reflection needed to increase resiliency in mental and physical health in general, and in recovery from addiction in particular.
— Susan Kreulen, MSW, LICSW Co-occurring Disorder Psychotherapist UMMC/Fairview Recovery Services