Integrated Support for Substance Abuse Recovery

Recovery Yoga Meetings® provide a safe space for those in recovery to develop new habits through repetition and practice.

As our understanding of substance use disorder evolves, healthcare providers are moving toward person-centered, recovery-oriented, integrated systems of care. It's not enough to detox and stabilize clients, sustained recovery requires a continuum of care that includes social support and physical activity.

Treatment providers are integrating physical yoga practice and mindful breathing into their programming. While this is a good first step, yoga practice that incorporates the psychological and spiritual aspects of recovery has proven more effective than traditional yoga as a complementary treatment for addiction. [12]

Recovery Yoga Meetings® are intentionally designed to integrate the psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects of recovery and yoga. The standardized, trauma-sensitive curriculum of breath and movement synthesizes tenets of mindfulness, peer support practices, and the spiritual principles of recovery into a physical group activity. 

After a brief, check-in sharing session, a Certified Facilitator guides participants through a sequence of yoga postures that embodies the spiritual principles of recovery, to “work” the 12 Steps physically. Using breath and movement, participants develop the skills and resilience to regulate their emotions and attention, tolerate distress and discomfort, and prevent relapse. The standardized curriculum, learned via repetition, ensures that participants take what they learn on the mat with them into their lives.


Recovery Yoga Meetings® are facilitated by certified yoga teachers who have personal experience with addiction and recovery. All Certified Facilitators complete an 18-hour training and certification process that ensures their familiarity with treatment modalities, the neurobiology of addiction, stigma, and peer support practices. They are committed to creating a judgment-free, supportive environment where participants can focus together on discovery, growth, and thriving in recovery.

Integrated support from certified facilitators – that works

Hundreds of people in recovery from substance abuse and other behavioral health disorders have benefitted from Recovery Yoga Meetings®. We offer two ways to incorporate Recovery Yoga Meetings® into your treatment program:

  1. Certification training for your existing yoga provider(s)

  2. Placement of a Certified Facilitator in your facility

To give your clients a consistent, high-quality, physical recovery experience and a transferable recovery support practice, contact us.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this class. It has been one of the most important parts of my recovery. I told my psychiatrist that it feels like an anti-anxiety / anti-depressant / anti-psychotic all in one. After class, I feel a tremendous amount of relief, like the storms in my mind have calmed and the knots in my body have untangled.
— A.S., Student
I actually had a few minutes of peace. I mean real peace, where my mind was totally quiet. It was when you brought us out of that last pose - when you said “Come back to your body” - I realized that my mind had been completely calm. Does that make sense? I was so at peace in the moment that I didn’t realize it until afterwards.
— First-time student, after class

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